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Our Motive

In the modern era, the relevance of STEEM, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics and Mathematics has gained monumental importance. An increasing number of students are showing keen interest in these fields.
STEM skills are universally used in every career field by students to some extent. From secretary to a scientist, STEM + Econ is used by students daily in school, at home or in the field. STEEM is, however, always considered to be "academic-oriented"  and “boring”. This magazine will help change this ideology among students. We will take day-to-day issues and relate them with these topics to make it easier for them to connect with.
Curi(e)osity will show students how their daily life is filled with amazing skills they may not have been aware of or learned, yet mobilize that intrinsic part of themselves. From auto-mechanics to astronaut, their successful future depends on their understanding of what STEEM is, how they are using it, and how best to improve the use of these skills.

ABOUT: About
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ABOUT: Meet the Team
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Ayan Maheshwari

Editor In Chief

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Siddhant Jhawar

Managing Editor

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Antara Pande

Senior Editor

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Geetika Lath

Department Head- Science

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Aanya Kasliwal

Department Head- Technology

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Devangna Chandra

Department Head- Engineering

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Devika Singhvi

Department Head- Economics

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Vivaan Gautam

Department Head- Mathematics


Deeva Bidasaria

Creative Director

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Himanshi Assudani

Graphic Designer

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