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Creating Magic: Fueling an Entrepreneurial Zeal Among Students

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

“If you go back a few hundred years, what we take for granted today would seem like magic”. This statement by Elon Musk could not be more relevant than today. We have practically created magic: from robots through Artificial Intelligence to near-sentient devices using the Internet of Things. Students have invented and adapted to a whole new dynamic with the advent of developing technology and digitalisation. Leading student entrepreneurs are beginning to form new ventures through non - profit organisations, awareness campaigns and student-led organisations. But why has this phenomenon become so common recently? This is because this entrepreneurial zeal has been deeply influenced by rapidly developing technology.

To begin with, social media has played a pivotal role in creating awareness about what it is that society requires today. Instant news about the lack of essential items or lack of help in certain areas such as helping the underprivileged and disabled has led students to understand the importance of these issues. This, combined with the zeal to do something different and the easy availability of resources has influenced students to start new endeavours. The increasing access to applications like YouTube, Slack and Google Calendar among others has made skills like record-keeping, time-management, and communication extremely easy, helping even middle school students to develop these vital skills and even use them efficiently. Inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs including Byju Raveendran (founder of Byju’s) and Vijay Shankar Sharma (founder of Paytm) have become the driving force for youth to understand that if one aims to sell a product which the society requires, in the right way, then nothing can stop them from becoming successful, provided that hard work and passion are also poured into the mixture equally.

The fact that starting one’s own organisation or launching a product has become so easy through digital techniques using websites or Instagram pages has helped give students a golden opportunity to explore their leadership and entrepreneurial skills while doing good for people around them, with boosting up their college applications being one of the fringe benefits. The 21st-century idea of applying knowledge in the practical world has also acted as a catalyst in the process. Cloud computing programs have helped young leaders employ teammates from their homes through video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet. Well-known companies are also making an effort to help upcoming firms reach out to more consumers to try and use their products. Most importantly, the costs of starting one’s own company have become so minimal! What earlier required frequent meetings in offices or locations now simply requires text and video chats. Students are forming organizations to connect the underprivileged to NGOs, help the elderly or even spreading menstrual hygiene awareness. Being a high school student myself, I find it profoundly fascinating how students my age are already pioneering innovative challenges and achieving new heights every day.

If we think about it, most of the applications we use for day to day work, such as Whatsapp, Zomato or Uber were all originally begun as startups by young entrepreneurs. So what stops us from believing that small steps taken by us students today can actually make a huge difference for our generation in the future!? There is nothing to stop us from soaring high peaks. All it requires is a good idea, determination, and some effort. So start brainstorming, we just might start working at a company founded by you ten years down the line!

Saadgi Garg

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