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The New Age of Communication

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

In today’s motorized society, the influence that technology has had on the modern man is sizeable, generating from the first tools to artificial intelligence. Holding weight over every aspect of our lives, it is no surprise our inventions over the past few decades have affected the way we interact largely.

For the majority, texting and calling are the first two methods that come to mind when we hear the word ‘communication’ as they prove to be the most common way of interaction for nearly all people under 50. This has made fraternizing much easier as connecting with someone is instantaneous whether it be to one person or the masses. It has been made especially effective for businesses and influencers with the rise of social media at its peak to allow a horde of people to master the art of flattery through these platforms. Technology-based communication also permits association with just about anyone all around the globe no matter the miles between you and them which causes a myriad of strangers to connect based on similar interests despite different backgrounds demonstrating a prime example of racial, ethnic and global unity. Along with access to every former conversation at the tip of their fingers that comes in handy in a number of tricky situations, technological communication has proved to be the most impactful form of communication for the disabled as well.

Although this is enough to be tempted to restrict your social life to exist primarily on the internet, every issue has a flip side. It is no doubt that due to having access to everything mankind needs at the drop of a hat, we continue to grow slothful as a whole; however, that’s not the only drawback technological interactions hold. Communication on the internet, being obscurely abstract, leads to a lack of emotional attachment to the people we talk to as opposed to meeting up or old fashioned interactions that lead to connections twice as deep and meaningful. Cell phones are becoming highly addictive for most people as communication is restricted to them and the obsession with portraying a persona online rises higher than in real life. It is no shock that interactions on the internet can be greatly damaging due to the lack of censorship and easy anonymity behind which malicious motives hide.

- Aanya Kasliwal

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